Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kate Moss crazy....

I've done okay lately - not aswell as I would have liked, I always tell myself I will write about ten thousand words a week - which is quite unrealistic - when in all reality I manage about 1000 words. I'm trying to push myself though becuase I do have three days off a week and if and when I work full time I know I'm gonna look back at this time and kick myself for not working harder!However like always I've had lots to distract me lately!

- Kates Moss's new range at Topshop....I know, I know - they're ridicolusly over priced and I'll probably hate them in about a week but I was one of the many girls who queued outside Topshop in Oxford Street last night! I'm not as mad as some of them though - I got there at 7.30 and managed to get into the shop by 10pm - so it wasnt bad going. I did spend over £150 pounds though - but they were worth it - honestly!

- As I now class myself as a fully fledged journalist I attended a Journalists networking party on Friday night called Schmooze and Booze! It was great fun and I got to meet some nice people - we were all just moaning about being poverty stricken journalists - but at least we know that there are others out there!

- Lots of other peoples novels to read - when I finsihed my novel writing class back in March we all decieded to keep reading each others stuff - which is great but I've now got a few weeks to read a whole novel that one of the guys has finsihed and think about some constructive critisism!

- Trying to motivate myself to write journalism peices - it can be quite hard when you get rejection after rejection.....but I'll keep going!

- An Interview! Yes I have an interveiw for a Postagraduate Dipolma in Magazine Journalism next Thursday - nervous...me? Well yes actually...not only do I have an interview but also a general knowledge test and a grammar test.....ahhhhhh!! And I really really want to get it - its a 9 week course with PMA training and it starts in July - so if I do get it it means my whole life will be on hold and hopefully I will get a permanent job on a magazine yay!

Anyway on the novel front I'm getting into it - going to do some more today as I'm off work and then hopefully I have at least 5 chapters done!

On a compltely different note - does anybody know a weather presenter that I can interview? Or anyone who has anything remotely to do with weather? I'm writing a guide and I have come up against a blank wall with this one!

Okay off to write some more of my masterpeice in progress!