Thursday, 5 April 2007

Two and a half days til Chocolate....

yay....I’m so proud of myself - I know its only a short week but I've been so motivated this week - and feel like I actually deserve a long weekend for once!

I've been busy doing restaurant reviews - which is really great - I get to eat for free at restaurants near me then write a review about them. So far I've been to a traditional pub and a v posh hotel - tonight I’m off to another restaurant and I’ve got another 2 to do next week! I’m gonna get fat - oh dear - the yummy food will be worth it!

I’ve also being doing lots of freelance writing work, applying to do a postgrad course in Magazine journalism and I've also edited my novel, and wrote 1,500 words for my 2nd chapter! I’m so pleased - I’ve been behind for so long now and I can’t wait to write more – I’m really enjoying it!

I also cant wait til Sunday - I have given up Chocolate and sweets for lent - something I’ve found quite hard – I’ve had a few slips up (the hot chocolate had my name on it!) but think I’ve done considerably well! So when Sunday comes I'll be busy scoffing my face!

Right off to do another restaurant review! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter - and a good break!



Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I am sooooo envious of you doing restaurant reviews. I'd love to do that - but I doubt I'd ever get the chance because I'm a veggie. Glad it's all going so well. Hope you, too, have a terrific Easter break.

liz fenwick said...

So pleased to hear your writing have taken off again :-)

Well done on surviving Lent well, I slipped terribly along the way!

iGoddess said...

Hey Novelgirl!

You commented on my blog and mentioned something about a "novel race." Been looking for an email addy on your blogs and profile page but, alas, I can't find one.

Could you give me details? You can find my email addy on my profile page. Can't wait to hear from you!

Enjoy your long weekend, too. =)