Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Kate Moss crazy....

I've done okay lately - not aswell as I would have liked, I always tell myself I will write about ten thousand words a week - which is quite unrealistic - when in all reality I manage about 1000 words. I'm trying to push myself though becuase I do have three days off a week and if and when I work full time I know I'm gonna look back at this time and kick myself for not working harder!However like always I've had lots to distract me lately!

- Kates Moss's new range at Topshop....I know, I know - they're ridicolusly over priced and I'll probably hate them in about a week but I was one of the many girls who queued outside Topshop in Oxford Street last night! I'm not as mad as some of them though - I got there at 7.30 and managed to get into the shop by 10pm - so it wasnt bad going. I did spend over £150 pounds though - but they were worth it - honestly!

- As I now class myself as a fully fledged journalist I attended a Journalists networking party on Friday night called Schmooze and Booze! It was great fun and I got to meet some nice people - we were all just moaning about being poverty stricken journalists - but at least we know that there are others out there!

- Lots of other peoples novels to read - when I finsihed my novel writing class back in March we all decieded to keep reading each others stuff - which is great but I've now got a few weeks to read a whole novel that one of the guys has finsihed and think about some constructive critisism!

- Trying to motivate myself to write journalism peices - it can be quite hard when you get rejection after rejection.....but I'll keep going!

- An Interview! Yes I have an interveiw for a Postagraduate Dipolma in Magazine Journalism next Thursday - nervous...me? Well yes actually...not only do I have an interview but also a general knowledge test and a grammar test.....ahhhhhh!! And I really really want to get it - its a 9 week course with PMA training and it starts in July - so if I do get it it means my whole life will be on hold and hopefully I will get a permanent job on a magazine yay!

Anyway on the novel front I'm getting into it - going to do some more today as I'm off work and then hopefully I have at least 5 chapters done!

On a compltely different note - does anybody know a weather presenter that I can interview? Or anyone who has anything remotely to do with weather? I'm writing a guide and I have come up against a blank wall with this one!

Okay off to write some more of my masterpeice in progress!


liz fenwick said...

Wow, you are brave, saw the news last night!!!

Keep writing. Set a timer and write for that time. You can do it :-)

Have you done your paragraph/s for my blog where I profiling a different Novel Racer each day???

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

1000 words a week may not sound much but it will add up to a novel if you keep it up. My first draft took me much longer than I wanted it to, but I didn't kick myself because I realised it needed maturing time in my head that couldn't be rushed (much).

Don't know anything about weather people, sorry!

liz fenwick said...

Where are you? We haven't heard in ages?

Have you written that profile for me?

leatherdykeuk said...

God's you're busy!

btw, I've Tagged you!

Please don't be cross!